Digital Education – Need

Education has remained most crucial for human society for the last few decades. Be it school education, formal coaching for competition exams, or even college education. The grades and the percentage are everything that our society takes as a benchmark to respect a person in terms of social values at any age of life.

Corona pandemic has changed the world it used to be a few months ago and it has hit education very badly at a global level. The world is facing challenges for medical needs but students are hit more with a sharp drop in education availability.

Everybody is moving towards digital education nowadays and the most commonly used IT tool for the same is Video conferencing solutions such as Zoom, Google Meet along with some other Video conferencing solutions for their needs of online education.

A good part of these solutions is that they satisfy the immediate needs of delivering education at a negligible cost but these tools lack the important part of satisfying the educational needs which involve structured learning with interactive education AND are failing to deliver education on daily basis.

6 Most Important Facts about Online Education

We have been in digital education technology development for years. And we decided to make some research on various aspects of Digital Education and current role play of online education with different platforms.

  1. Digital Education is not a fancy thing, it is an important need of the real-world and it’s not about corona time. In general, along with traditional education, there is a need for digital education.
  2. Learning should come with a post-learning assessment where educators know how students have learned the things.
  3. Structure learning in a step by step manner helps a student and the teacher in the course completion pathway.
  4. More than 90% of learners or their parents become careless if it is free and they never tend to complete it.
  5. For every age of students, competition is necessary and a detailed scorecard has to be there on scoreboard. (Power of data plays its role when comes to a detailed analysis of students as an individual or as a class)
  6. More adaption is required at the level of senior educators/ professors or teachers rather than students as students are more tech-friendly for online education.

8 Important features for a Perfect Learning Platform for Digital Education

In an ideal Digital education platform for any organization, there have to be the following features.

  1. Syllabus structuring- it helps students and teachers about how much has been done and how long is to go.
  2. Support for video lectures, images, text, pdf, or ppt at the level of course.
  3. Facility for post-learning assessment such as MCQ based examination, Option for Assignment Submission, or Homework submission.
  4. Deeply rooted data Analytics facility with effective reporting for students, their teachers, and the education organization.
  5. A mobile application for easy access.
  6. Security for data of students, teachers, and the content in the system.
  7. If commercial benefits exist whether, for teachers or the organization, there is a need for some commercialization features such as
    1. Inbuilt notification to keep students engaged.
    2. Mail based marketing for new students’ acquisition
    3. Inbuilt, course, exam series purchasing option for coaching institutes and inbuilt extracurricular activity-based learning packages for schools or colleges.
  8. And finally, UI/UX design which makes it easy for students to use your platform with an easy to use platform backend for admin-level management. And of course, a good cloud server infrastructure for deploying the platform.

The above article is an outcome of the research conducted and my experience with various platforms of digital education for schools, colleges, and coaching institutes. I have been involved in business development for a number of platforms providing digital education. You can connect with me on LinkedIn. 

If you’re interested in Digital Education platform or online classroom for your coaching institute, schools, college or startup with your own online learning application, feel free to contact us or drop us a mail at